Sunday, September 04, 2005


Here's an old piece I've been hanging on to. I wrote this a couple of years ago.

I recently became a die-hard fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer! FX started re-running the show from Season 1. Charles, my neighbor, was recording them & offered to let me watch them. Being bored that night, I begrudgingly accepted. Four episodes later, I was hooked.

My first impression whilst watching the first episode was, 'This is sort of an occult power rangers!' Here's why:
  • Set in small, suburban Californy town,
  • Group of teens repeatedly saving the world,
  • General population if oblivious to the goings-on,
  • Fresh, teen-centric dialogue,
  • Kick ASS theme music!
In the 2nd episode, one of her companions actually said, 'It's okay. Buffy's a superhero!' Another line I love is from Buffy (said full of teenage female attitude): 'Okay, I get it - you're EVIL!'
Make fun of me if you will. My motto is now: WWBD? (What would Buffy do?)

After writing that, I heard the phrase a week or two later as I edged my way into Season 2. Huh. I think they tried to use it as a marketing slogan that didn't really take off. Well, I'm still a big Buffy fanboy. Mostly for the characters and dialogue, but I still crank the theme music when I watch an episode.

Oh, how marvelous it was for Buffy to be a new experience, fresh and unknown. As a TRUE fan of all things horror, I avoided what I was sure must be a trite, niche-targeted, empty TV show. Boy, did have no clue! I don't need to talk about how COMPLETELY wrong I was in my ignorant assumptions.

This post also reveals one of my dark secrets: I love the Power Rangers. Well, the original show that is. I've tried to watch several of the modern incarnations, but none of them have the appeal and character as the original cast, crew, and what served for storylines. And yes, this is coming from the same person who avoided Buffy for so long because I doubted that it had 'soul' or value. Hey, at least I'm willing to admit my quirks.

Buffy may be the loftier, more 'literary' of the two programs, but the original Power Rangers still gets the award for having the best theme music EVER.

You doubt my word?


  1. I guess it should be no surprise, but I like Buffy too. Much to the old man's horror. I discovered it in the past 6 months or so and watch whenever I can. I need to watch the first season so I understand some things though.

  2. The early seasons are my favorite...everything is fresh. Screw the old man. I'm sure he watches plenty of junk too, you can be allowed yours.