Monday, September 26, 2005

Killer Coffee

That naughty bean tried to poison me this morning. Today is the roughest of Monday mornings I've seen in quite some time. In the final 5 minutes before rushing out the door, I brewed a quick pot to take with me. I didn't get to taste it until well on my way to work. Apparently my spoons had been heaped quite savagely because there needed to be two or three times the amount of water over what I used. It was so bitterly strong I nearly died as it hit my stomach lining. Of course, I had to take 3 or 4 more test sips to confirm this. They all corroborated the first taste, and thus intensified the bean-venom.

Luckily there were donuts at work this morning to counteract the poison. Upon arriving at work, I dumped out half of it and refilled my cup with hot water. Now I have a cup of intensely strong, but drinkable coffee. This is why I don't drink coffee very often and when I do, I prefer to have it made by a professional.

Playing on XM: Hank Williams III

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