Friday, November 02, 2007

Blood-sucking vampires are real!

Happy Halloween! Let me tell you about mine...

Monday I went home from work early. I didn't feel well. No really bad symptoms, just weak, dizzy, know, not right. I assumed I was coming down with something. Tuesday morning I awake to find a sore spot on my upper arm which turned out to be a nasty tick not just attached to my arm, but almost embedded in my arm. I failed my sanity check and completely shut down.

A few hours later I was at my doctor's office. He was giddy from the moment he entered the exam room, clearly looking forward to performing a “tick removal.” He took a look at the beast embedded in my arm and excitedly told me all of his gore-filled horror stories about tick patients. If you can imagine Larry the Cable Guy with a stethoscope draped around his neck…that’s my doctor. He quickly & easily removed the nasty tick with a pair of tiny tweezers, then had entirely too much fun digging in my arm with a scalpel blade “just to make sure” he got it all.

That was my Halloween occurred the day before Halloween. I survived, and with the help of a round of tetracycline, I avoided lyme disease. But man, I'll tell you, I've always hated ticks, and this was a very creepy experience.

Now reading: I just finished Crooked Little Vein by Warren Ellis
(we live in a freaky world - on his blog, he reported that everything in his book came from real-world events he saw in the news)

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