Friday, February 05, 2010

Gamers raising money for Haiti

The RPG download store, DriveThruRPG (also known as RPGNow) recently made the gaming community an offer we couldn't refuse: donate $20 to Doctors Without Borders in exchange for a ton of gaming materials donated by a big list of gaming publishers.

This offer ran through the end of January, and now that the whizzing of the computers has settled down, they have their final tally. Table top gamers threw down an amazing $178,900 in support of helping Haiti. That's a major donation for humanitarian aid that came about because the people who run our favorite gaming supply store took the trouble and time to rally the publishers for contributions of products to sweeten the pot for us gamers.

Many of these publishers are normal men and women for whom these products represent a major investment of time and money, and not giant gaming conglomerates. The goons running the music industry would have us believe that artists and creators can't afford to and shouldn't give away their creative properties. Well these artists and creators decided that a major loss in sales and profits of their core products was a small price to pay in order to entice much-needed donations out of their very tiny pool of customers. Well, at $20 a pop, apparently our little community isn't so tiny after all!

I lift my glass to all of these people: the gamers who donated their money, the publishers who donated their works, and most of all, DriveThruRPG / RPGNow for pulling it all together so quickly. But the real winners are Doctors Without Borders.

Read their official announcement here.

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