Sunday, January 31, 2010

I love my shiny new iPod

As many of you loyal readers know, I had a birthday recently. On its own, it was fine as birthdays go, but my wonderful wife wanted to spoil me with something extravagant this year. She gave me two options: an e-reader or an iPod. I was beside myself with ecstasy!

After debating with my ecstatic self over night, I made my decision: I wanted the iPod touch. To get a second opinion, I bounced the situation off of a couple of coworkers, telling them that I was faced with a difficult choice.

One of them said, “Well, you’re not exactly faced with Sophie’s Choice here, are you? I don’t see a wrong answer.” After a few minutes’ discussion, I felt that I had indeed made the right decision.

The e-reader would be nice because I buy a lot of gaming PDFs and it would be nice to have a more portable way to read them, especially larger ones that I don’t want to print out. But the iPod touch can handle that with the help of an app. And I really want the iPod’s ease-of-use for downloading and listening to podcasts.

So I’ve had my new wonder-gadget for a couple of weeks now. I added a few apps and eventually realized that I can put music on it too.

For my wife, the iPod has been a mixed blessing. There’s no doubt in her mind that it was the best birthday present ever(!), but now she has to vie against it for my attention. Harkening back to my coworker’s comment, she has dubbed it ‘Sophie’ and refers to it as my other woman. She felt REALLY threatened the night I brought the iPod to bed so that I could finish a story I was reading via the e-Reader app.

Now listening to: Alt Nation on XM

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