Friday, May 26, 2006


Here is exactly why I wanted to have a blog… Yesterday evening, we had just finished dinner and were herding the boys around the house getting ready for bath & bed. The 7-yr old was up first for bath, so I walked into the bathroom intent upon getting the shower going for him.

I walked into the bathroom to find him naked, standing in front of the toilet peeing, and eating a piece of bacon he’d swiped from the dinner table on his way to the bathroom. That image in itself is almost blog-worthy.

But the reason I’m writing about it was my reaction. I walked into the room, took in the above scene, and what was the first thing out of my mouth?

“You’re not supposed to be eating in the bathroom!”
“Don’t forget to wash your hands!"
“What are you doing?” (that would’ve been asking for the obvious – “I’m using the bathroom dad.”)

No. The first thing to come out of my mouth was nothing close to any of those responsible fatherly observations. Nope. What I said was:

“That better not be the last piece of bacon!”

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