Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Adventures in lawn care

So here’s a story for your morning coffee. This evening, I finally mowed the grass for the first time of the season, so that I was no longer THAT neighbor…the one with the wild, unkempt yard. Well, in so doing I got a little too close to a yard ornament…an access pipe for our sewer line.

Last year, I was able to run over the pipe top without incident. Apparently, over the winter the soil has settled just enough so that the top of this plastic pipe sticks up about, oh, say, lawnmower-blade high. I was trying to avoid the thing anyway, because I thought that to be the smart thing to do, and in retrospect, it sure would have been. But the self-propelled lawn mower’s wheels got really good traction at precisely the wrong moment. The mower went three inches further than I intended and white plastic shards went flying.

So now I have to spend the morning digging up the ground around the top of the pipe so that I can attempt to replace that busted cap. Maybe I should buy two of them while I’m at the store…

Theoretically, this should not be a very difficult task. But hey, at least the yard is mowed.

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