Monday, June 15, 2015

Dungeon World comes to an end

My gaming group finished a Dungeon World campaign this weekend. The game started as a 3-4 session “one shot” in between other games. A year ago. Once my group got a taste for Dungeon World, they didn’t want to stop, and I have to say, it was an awesome ride!

This game helped bring about some of the most fun, action-filled storytelling I’ve ever experienced at the gaming table. The game system meshes really well with my GM-ing style, and that led to a free-flowing, spontaneous game.

The last session culminated with the PCs taking the fight to the dragon on his island, rather than waiting for it to come to their city. There was blood. Monsters were slain. The dragon died, but only after it had two of the heroes in its mouths. A PC died…momentarily. An encounter with this deity at the gates of the afterlife brought him back to the land of the living.

The rising of the morning sun brought a relief from the dragon’s tyranny to the land. And with it, future tales of the heroes. The last action the players took in this game was to describe what happens to their characters next…after our campaign has ended. Here are their tales:

Cassius (human fighter) — Undergoes his former squire Olam’s purification ritual to remove the ghoul taint that has cursed him for recent months. Afterward, he quests for redemption in the eyes of his god, Pelor. He hopes to one day become a paladin again. He also patches up relations with his parents and sister, who were still angry at him for killing his brother.

Dingo Barkley (kobold sorcerer) — Spends a few days relaxing with his sixth wife (of eight), Kimi at the tower that that the heroes turned into a bed & breakfast. After that brief vacation, he leads his people to colonize the volcanic island that was the dragon’s lair. From there, the kobolds wage war on the evil grey dwarves in the mining town of Rockbreak, hoping to drive them out and reclaim the mines for the good peoples of the island.

Nephidor (elven fighter/priest) — His brush with death was curtailed by his god’s intervention. In trade for his continued life, Nephidor pledged himself into the elven god’s service. With nothing but the clothes on his back and his heirloom sword, he leaves the island to enter into Tethryn’s service as the god’s agent in the world.

Cain (elven barbarian) — Returns to wandering the island continent, doing good deeds and punishing the wicked. He seeks out his brother, the druid Menoliir.

Menoliir (elven druid) — In the weeks after the death of the dragon Axstalrath, rumors spread of another red dragon seen in the skies over the land. Somewhat smaller than the evil dragon, but no less fierce, this dragon is identified by its bright green, spiky mohawk. Some people say that the dragon has a rider – a barbaric elf who looks a lot like the hero Cain. The two travel the countryside protecting travelers on the dangerous roads.

So, gang, care to share some of your favorite moments from this game? Use the comment form below.

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