Monday, August 31, 2009

Introducing Savage Dresden

So I talked about how much I'm in love with Savage Worlds. At the end of that post I promised that there'd be more on the topic. Well, I intend to do so much more that I didn't want to crowd out my rambles about other stuff here (beer, comics, etc.). To that end, I created a new blog called Savage Dresden to serve that content.

Seeing the title will clue in most of you to the blog's purpose: I'm creating a Savage Worlds game set in the world of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files. Each post will be a specific part of the game, whether how I'm going to handle something from the books in-game, how I'm going to model Butcher's world with the game mechanics, or just in general, what I think the game will be about. Surf over there for details and to see what I have in mind, and please leave comments and weigh in on the poll!

For my second order of business, tell me what you guys like to hear me talk about here in THIS blog. I'm really trying to post more frequently, so knowing what you like to see me write about would be a big help. Should I be reading more comics and talking about them? Watching more TV? Writing more about beer? Or do you want sappy stories about my kids? If there's something you think I'm good at talking about...let me know!

Now reading: Renegades of Pern by Anne McCaffrey

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  1. I like hearing all of the things you write about-comics, games, kids, beer, whatever. Not so much on the TV, but that's just because I watch so little of it, not that there's anything wrong with you writing about it. I guess if I could point you in a direction, I'd say "follow your inner geek"-if you find it cool, I'll probably be interested in reading about it.