Thursday, March 01, 2007

The sound of one hand clapping me upside the head

It probably happens to everyone, and I guess it was only a matter of time before it happened to me.

I sent the wrong disc back to Netflix.

The wife and I finished up season 2 of Lost the other night. I opened the tray of the DVD changer and grabbed the disc while she and I were discussing the show. I slid the disc in the sleeve, put that in the mailing envelope, and sealed it. Next morning I dropped it in the mail box, just like they show on TV.

And then that evening, I found the Lost DVD in my changer. A quick comparison of the other discs in the changer and the empty jewel cases on the shelf revealed a missing Johnny Cash disc: my recently acquired Legend of Johnny Cash, vol II, which is an incredible mix of old and new material. I wasn't sure which was worse...that it was Johnny Cash, or that it could've been Steve Earle's Guitar Town. On the other hand, it's a good thing it wasn't my son's Garfield DVD, or truly, there'd be hell to pay.

I ran to my internet and spent the next half-hour looking for a way to contact Netflix. Have you ever tried this? It's impossible. There's no way to send them an email, and the only way of contacting them at all is via a few checklist-driven reports. I did find how to return the disc I still had (just slip it into a mailer with another return). I took it a step further to make sure that the second return was going to the same distribution point that the Lost disc came from.

Sure enough, I received a prefab email from Netflix pointing out my stupidity and reiterating the solution. Today I returned another movie, included the extra disc, and also included a note asking to have my CD returned. I'll let you know how it shakes out.

Playing on CD: Chingon's "Mexican Spaghetti Western" - that amazing collaboration of Del Castillo and Robert Rodriguez.

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  1. jeckles2:55 PM

    good thing that it wasn't Garfield!

    that would be like me giving away one of Tony's BadCompany or Lynurdyd Skynryd tapes. like Tony giving away one of my Terri Clark tapes!

    talking about trouble & being really ....offed!