Saturday, December 02, 2006

Like Father, Like Sons

Who knew that the Power Rangers would be a father/son bonding tool? It's not like I grew up mired in Power Ranger lore...I was in college when the PR first came along. I used to cut my late-afternoon class sometimes if I was expecting an "important" episode, or if I just needed a little something uplifting before going to work that evening. I mean, the original theme song alone was enough to get me pumped up. Add to that the explosions, fighting, and evil villains...especially Lord Zedd, by far the best PR villain...and I was a very happy camper.

Now, MANY years later, my sons watch Power Rangers Mystic Force and Ninja Storm. Those are both pretty good. It took a while for Mystic Force to grow on me, but the cast is great...a bunch of nice kids, and the villains are interesting too. I'm sure they get tired of me saying, "That Vida is pretty cool, but she's no Kimberly." And yes, it's ALWAYS all about the pink ranger.

The boys love to snuggle with me on the couch and watch the action. Today, I'm sitting at the desk working and my youngest is across the room watching an ancient episode, thanks to Power Rangers Generations (assorted adventures from previous incarnations of PR series) on the Toon Disney channel.

But then, I guess this is no different than when my father used to watch the old Johnny Weismuller black & white Tarzan movies with me when I was a kid. Yep, that's what Saturday afternoons are meant for.

Excuse me now. I'm being called to go watch the climactic battle. I doubt I'll see the Rangers wrestling alligators in an Aftrican river, but that's okay. I'll take giant robot monsters so long as I get some time with my little monsters.

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