Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Life lessons...

Cell phones and washing machines don't mix.

That's what my wife found out recently. Of course, the phone is shiny and clean again... I went to my local phone store and explained my delimma. The guy...a great-looking black man with green eyes that just might be real...checked my account and confirmed that yes, my wife's phone is insured. Thought so. I knew I insured one of them when we first got them, but couldn't remember which one. I'm the one who was most likely to drop it and break it. I did drop it within the first week -- onto a concrete sidewalk -- but fortunately it survived with only a few nicks.

No, I chose to buy insurance for my wife's phone because of her history with electronic gadgets. She has a strong aura that apparently doesn't get along well with electronics. It's not her fault, and it's not incompetence of any sort. It's just that sometimes electronical things get wonky around her. So I opted for a warranty of sorts for her cell phone.

Fast-forward to today. I place the call to the insuring agency and find out that apparently people leave their cell phones in their pants pockets and wash them all the time. Now, I've washed my pocket knife a time or three. But never my wallet or car keys. And before now, would never have imagined running my cell phone through the wash. But then, I guess neither would my wife.

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