Sunday, November 27, 2005

New lappy and gaming happy!

It's time again for my new monthly update. Things have been busy lately...stupid work. But the panic induced by the busy level of attitude in the office has pushed me into the 21st century workplace. They gave me a brand-spankin', fresh-off-the-assembly-boat laptop and now I'm telecommuting two days a week! Woohootyhoo!

My fortune came from me having cut my hours back to 3/4 time a few months ago. Then as this season of new car stereo models combined with holiday shopping madness and overworked creative staff, it allowed me to position myself to say, "Y'know, I could work a lot more hours if I were able to do it from home in the evenings." Of course the trade off was that if I'm taking back more responsibility and giving up some of my currently free evenings, then there's gotta be something in it for me too. Thus, working from home two days of the week. I almost feel like some kind of successful professional.

So now that I have no excuse to not put in overtime, I'm chained to my precious lappy all hours of the night, cutting painfully into my movie-viewing and comic-reading time. When I'm not working, I absolutely do NOT want to touch the computer.

Other news of high merit: I'm playing D&D again! And I'm playing an NPC kobold bard until the DM can work my character into the story. What fun! I love this gaming group...buncha guys whom I've come to call friends, and exemplary role players all. This is what the hobby is all about.

Now I'm off to write some more catalog copy. Let me know if you're in the market for a new car stereo. I'll make you famous!

Playing on XM: country Christmas music, currently Dwight Yoakam


  1. New laptop, huh? We just got a new laptop too, although it seems that Laura has already laid claim to it during game time so she can watch movies upstairs while we game. I wanted to load it up with all sorts of D&D utilities and sit behind the laptop, play background music, etc. Ah well, guess I have to stick with paper & pencils. What kind of laptop did you get?

    And since I'm talking about gaming, I'm very glad to have you back in the group! Never fear, Berwin will be back soon, once the endless dungeon crawl ends...

    So, how famous can you make me, if I decided I wanted to get a car stereo? What if I don't want a stereo, but just want to be famous? How much do I have to spend?

  2. Got a Dell Latitude. 600-series model number, I think. It's sweet!

    To be famous, you need to allow me to put you in the catalog talking about the merits of shopping from Crutchfield and how you went about selecting the stereo that you did.

    So, you're moment of fame (and all the souvenir copies of the catalog that you can eat) will cost you whatever you choose to spend on a new stereo...anywhere from $100 to, well if you want something THAT awesome, you don't need to ask the price... There are some great car stereos for $100-$150. Including MP3/WMA playback from disc. This year's models even feature a USB input on some!

    Other ways to be famous are if you've bought ANYTHING from Crutchfield in the past year and are willing to give us a customer testimonial. But I'm looking specifically for car stereo people.

    But whenever ANYONE is thinking about getting a new car stereo, from Crutchfield or not, let me know. I'll be happy to advise.